CWG 2022 Medal Tally India CWG Birmingham Medal list

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CWG 2022 Medal Tally India CWG Birmingham Medal list : will be discussed here Common Wealth Games Birmingham Medal list India Gold Silver Bronze Game Wise list As per the latest update, the Common Wealth Game 2022 is taking place in Birmingham from 28th July to 8th August 2022, in which a variety of sports will be played.

As a result, 200 Indian athletes are expected to compete in around 16 different sports in CWG 2022 for the medal. For Indians who are very interested in knowing how many medals our team has won in this year’s game, they can check out the Common Wealth Game Medal Tally.

CWG 2022 Medal Tally India

Nevertheless, India won 66 medals at the Gold Coast 2018 last year. In addition to this, 26 gold medals, 20 silver medals, and 20 bronze medals are included in the 66 medals. The Common Wealth Game started in Birmingham in 2022, so the Indian players are now trying their best to win medals. Additionally, the CWC Birmingham 2022 Medal Tally India is also available on a daily basis.

The concerned department of games has also updated information which will be useful for the Indians According to the update coming out of 503 medals, the Indian players won 135 medals at the CWC Birmingham 2022. As a result, they make us proud of them. It will also be possible for you to find out who won the medals in the various games in which Indian players have played.

Common Wealth Game Medal Tally India

The players work hard every year to win medals for their country, so they want to make our country proud by winning medals. If you would like to know more about the details, you can browse all the information on our website.

As a result, the authority of the game has updated the Medal Tally India for the Common Wealth Game 2022 so that everybody can know about the game updates no matter where they are. Although through various means tally reports are coming to provide information about the Common Wealth Games, the authority of the game conducts the games every few years.

CWG Birmingham Medal Tally

Because many centuries participated in these games in which players compete to win a medal for their country, these games are very important.

Title of ArticleCommon Wealth Game 2022 Medal Tally India CWG Birmingham
Name of the GamesCommon Wealth Game 2022 Birmingham
Organized inBirmingham, England
Category of ArticleMedal Tally/ Information
Started from28th July to 8th August 2022
Count of GamesVarious Games

CWG 2022 Medal List Country Wise

The Official details about the Common Wealth Game 2022 have organized 22nd time is also known as Birmingham 2022 However, the game details about the Common Wealth Game 2022 Birmingham has been announced as the host for the game on 21st December 2017 In England, CWC Games were organized for the third time following the first time in 1934. Following that in 2002.

This is the second time that Manchester will host the games. Check Common Wealth Game 2022 Birmingham Medal Tally India through the official page to know more about the games this year since the organizer also updates who won what medal in each game.

This time, Indian athletes have won many medals as well. However, at the start of the Common Wealth Games 2022, India had won nine medals – three gold, three silver, and three bronze. Our medal ratio has increased because our players are striving very hard to win medals for our country. Find out more about CWC Birmingham 2022.

CWG Birmingham Medal List 2022

Neeraj Chopra, the medal winner in these games, has had to withdraw from the CWG due to an injury, which could result in the loss of one medal for our country. However, there are other players as well. Further, we will provide you with information about the medals we have at our disposal so that you are aware of the current state of our country’s medals.

Name of the GameCommon Wealth Game 2022 Birmingham
The host city for the gameBirmingham, England
Main VenueAlexander Stadium
The motto of the eventSport is the beginning of all
Total Events280 events in 20 sports
Start Date of Ceremony28th July 2022
Closing Date of Ceremony8th August 2022
Officially Started byCharles, Prince of Wales
Total Count of athletes participating in Games5054
The total count of Countries participating72 Common Wealth Nations (Expected)

Birmingham Medal Tally for the Common Wealth Games

The Common Wealth Games are initiated by England nation In these many countries, players are invited to play matches, and as a result, many players participate every time and we have many players who will win medals for India as well. In addition, the Medal Tally India for the Common Wealth Game 2022 will be updated on a regular basis. Therefore, you will be able to know the ranking of India after winning medals.

We suggest reading each detail thoroughly because all people keep an eye on this information as well. In addition, we will update each detail on the internet.

Common Wealth Game 2022 Birmingham Medal Tally :
RankName of CountryTotal CountGoldSilverBronze
3New Zealand241274
5South Africa12534

CWG 2022 India Medal Tally

It is expected that the 2022 Medal Tally for India will also be updated soon in Birmingham. At first, the count of gold medals appears, so those countries will appear on the list of top teams whose players win gold medals. In light of this, we are here to provide you with the latest updates. Those above details are not the latest reports, so you have to wait a while for the latest update. As soon as the authority provides those details, we will inform you.

However, there is a list of players for India list has also out who wins medals in the games Due to this, you can check Common Wealth Game 2022 Medal Tally because once you see the players list, you’ll find out who won what medal for our country in order to place it in the ranking among other countries. In addition, all countries are vying for places at the Common Wealth Games 2022, which has caused a lot of competition.

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