Mahindra Thar prices to down today price 2023

Seeing the sudden decline in Mahindra Thar, there was a panic in the Tata company

It hasn't been much time since it came in the market and as soon as it came, there was a drastic fall in the prices.

The starting price of Thar was 16.28 lakhs.

If we talk about now then Mahindra Thar is selling up to 13.50 lakhs.

That is, the price of Mahindra Thar has come down by more than 3 lakhs.

The company says that there is a slowdown in the market and there is also pressure from the share market.

The customer says that now the changes made by Mahindra in Thar are not right

The company has made many serious mistakes in Thar, due to which people are not liking the car.

This is the reason that the demand of Mahindra Thar is less in the market and the company has to change the price.